Monday, April 20, 2009

Who is John Gault?

Who is John Gault?
I've met him. He stayed with us on 9/11.
The both of us sat on my couch silent and watched it all go down on the tv.
He stood up and said,"time to go find Atlantis."
He then packed his bags and left 3 days early.

Update 5/03/09
I've just received a letter yesterday. He's asking me if I'm familiar with Colorado (?) and if I'm happy with my work. that's it ! That's all it says.

Another letter.
The banks aren't through with you.
Boy that was creepy to read.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life in Plymouth, The Guest House Way

When Barbara and I considered moving from Randolph Ma. we really didn't know where to go. Plymouth was mentioned by my mom as a town that would give me more bang for my buck.

Barbara was sceptical. Being a north shore girl she wasn't familiar with towns south of Boston.
It was important that there were a few items in the town to make the choice. Barbara being Jewish, a temple was important. Also since her doctors are all in Boston, access to transportation was also important.
Well there was, (and still is) a temple in Plymouth Temple Beth Jacob . Which by the way is celebrating it's 100th birthday this year 2009. The MBTA also had just opened it's commuter line in both Plymouth and neighboring Kingston.

So sold on those 2 notes we purchased our new home. Now how do we afford it?

The people that lived there before us mentioned that in the past they had tried having a bed and breakfast. Wow what a great idea. We had extra rooms. Why not. So we went to the Plymouth town hall and got the permit. Started advertising and Viola, Guests.
Our first guests were from Germany and that troubled Barbara. How would she cope with people whose relatives caused great harm to her relatives. They had just arrived in town and needed a place to stay. Called us and came right over.
They were a young couple full of life and always smiling. Barbara was at first gracious and quickly warmed to there enthusiasm. We learned the next day that our guests were expecting a baby which just thrilled Barbara. Barbara and our lady guest (Gretchen) giggled for hours on the plans of the future with a baby.
When the left Barbara sat down and contimplated how silly it was for her fears but best of all she really liked this new job.
We've been at this since 2000 which to me feels like that in entering a new century I've started a new life.
Some of the things I've learned in running this business.
1.) The customer is not always right. Especially when they start telling me how I will run my business when there around.
Actually that's about all I've learned. Sounds funny but every year it's something new to learn which probably won't work next year.

God the best friend I never know.

There was a time that I believed that God was just as it said in the Bible. Sounds like I'm saying now that's not true. Not really. It's just that now as I get older I think I'm getting wiser. Which means that I really don't know who or what God is.
Have you heard about this Mayan thing? That the world will change as we know it in 2012. I won't go as far as to say that it will be destoyed but that there seems to be some pretty strange stuff about to happen.
The thing that gets me is how so many religious sects can claim they're it, they've got the answer to all of lifes problems.
I don't think so.
What makes any of these think that God has especially picked them to save the world or to be given the answer to share or not to share with there fellow man. I say stick them all into the same room and let them fight it out.